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Best Chicken Games Online in Philippines at Goal11

Filipino players at Goal11 enjoy a lot of fun and enjoyment from Chicken Games in the Philippines! Look no further if you’re in the Philippines and yearn for some fun with feathers. With a coop full of chicken games that will have you squealing with glee, Goal11 offers the Best Chicken Games online in the Philippines for both PC and mobile devices. We have the most courageous collection of games for you to enjoy, ranging from hilarious chicken shooters to clever merging games. Now, enter and become a part of the flock! We promise you won’t be sorry!

Why Playing Chuck Chicken Games at Goal11?

While it was rare to play Chuck Chicken games, we at Goal11 are committed to providing our gaming community with the greatest experiences possible. We have the newest and best Chuck Chicken Games for players in the Philippines as the show continues to gain popularity over the globe.

Meet Chuck, the main character who, with the help of a golden egg amulet, can change into Kung Fu Chicken. On the island of Rocky Pearch, where birds behave like humans, he must defend the birds. Chuck is clumsy, but he uses teamwork to overcome evil and win the day. So what are you waiting for? Join Goal11 now and get ready to laugh and squeal your way through hours of fun!

Online Chicken Games for Free in the Philippines

Have you ever wondered what unfolds when playing chicken games? Explore the world of Chicken Game Online, a free online game where you strategically drag and drop identical chickens to combine them into a more robust flock. Your mission is to fortify your guardian chickens and defend your base. Are you able to accept the challenge and assert the title of the ultimate chicken fusion master?

Get ready for an egg-citing adventure as you strategize and plan to assemble the most formidable flock of chickens. Utilize the power of fusion to guide your flock to victory through meticulous planning and resource management. Witness your chickens evolve into stronger protectors with each successful fusion. Are you prepared to embark on this feathered journey and demonstrate your skills as the ultimate chicken fusion master? Join Chicken Game Online now.

Popular Chicken Games for Real-world Cockfighting & Gambling 

Here are a few popular chicken games for cock fighting and Gambling that involve strategic or competitive elements without promoting harm to real animals:


Sabong is the traditional Filipino game of cockfighting, where the training and breeding of roosters for combat in a designated arena. Sabong is still a popular pastime in the Philippines, with online platforms offering live streams and betting options.

Cluck Cluck Boom

It is a mobile game where players control a team of animated chickens in battles. The goal is to strategically deploy different types of chickens with unique abilities to defeat opponents.

Angry Birds

In this popular mobile game, birds are fired into structures using a slingshot with the goal of knocking over pigs. While not a direct match to cockfighting, it involves strategic aiming and destruction.

Barnyard Battle

It is a family-friendly board game where players build a team of animated barnyard animals to compete against each other. The game involves strategy and resource management.

Chicken Invaders

It is a space shooter game where players control a spaceship to defend Earth from waves of attacking chickens. It’s a humorous take on the shoot-them-up genre.

Egg, Inc

In this mobile game, players manage a chicken farm, hatch eggs, and upgrade their facilities to maximize egg production. It’s a simulation game with a focus on strategy and resource management.

These Virtual and online games can provide entertainment without involving harm to animals or promoting illegal activities.

Benefits of Playing Online Chicken Games 

Entertainment and Relaxation:

Online chicken games can offer a fun experience, offers a respite from regular activities and a lighthearted escape.

Stress Relief:

Playing games, including those featuring chickens, can help reduce stress by providing an immersive and enjoyable experience that distracts from everyday pressures.

Skill Development:

Some chicken games may involve strategic planning, resource management, or problem-solving, contributing to the development of cognitive skills.

Social Interaction:

Multiplayer online chicken games can facilitate social interaction, connecting players with friends and enhancing the sense of community.

Educational Value:

Certain chicken games may incorporate educational elements related to farming, animal husbandry, or resource management, providing players with insights into these topics.



Can I play Chicken Merge on mobile devices and desktops in the Philippines?

Absolutely! Chicken Merge is available to play on both your laptop as well as portable electronics like phones and tablets in the Philippines.

What are the most popular Chicken Games in the Philippines at Goal11? Explore these clucking favourites.

  • Chicken Shooter
  • Farm Valley
  • Idle Farm Tycoon
  • Chicken Fettuccine: Sara’s Cooking Class
  • Lost My Chicken
  • Classic Chicken Shooting
  • Chicken Shooting
  • Epic Chicken Griller
  • Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense
  • Go Chicken Go

Is Chicken Horse online in the Philippines?

Online multiplayer on console requires Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Game Pass Core.

Chuck Chicken Games: Kung Fu Fun for All!

Discover the excitement of Chuck Chicken Games, a category we’re proud to bring to Goal11. Inspired by the popular show, Chuck Chicken takes centre stage in the Philippines, and we’ve got the games to match the feathered frenzy. Dive into action-adventure platformers like “Magic Egg” or test your memory with a card-matching game featuring your favourite characters from the show.

What are Chuck Chicken Games available?

Currently, enjoy “Magic Egg,” an action-adventure platformer, and a memory game featuring your favourite Chuck Chicken characters. Stay tuned for more exciting additions!

At Goal11, we’re bringing the joy of chicken games to the Philippines. Whether you’re into strategic merges or Kung Fu chicken adventures, we’ve got the games to keep you clucking for more. Play now, and let the feathered fun begin!

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